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Developer Robert Morrow faces major traffic woes in Suffolk County

October 19, 2016 05:51PM

The Southampton Village Board doesn’t seem to be budging on its opposition to Robert Morrow’s proposed shopping center in Tuckahoe, citing traffic as its primary concern. The development at the corner of County Road 39 and Magee Street would intensity the existing traffic at the intersection, they argue. “Cars will back up all the way into the turning lane on County Road 39, obstructing traffic heading east,” board member Nancy McGann said at a meeting Thursday. Morrow has submitted multiple versions of the development plan since late 2015, 27East reported, but each time, traffic came up as the major roadblock. Currently under review by the planning commission, the latest revised application calls for the rezoning of three adjoining properties along the southeastern side of County Road 39. The development would span 7.3 acres. [27East]