Charlie Rose dissects Kushner’s evolving role in Trump’s White House: VIDEO

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Nov.November 27, 2016 11:54 AM
Jared Kushner and Charlie Rose

Jared Kushner by Lori Berkowitz via Wiki Commons and Charlie Rose

Emily Jane Fox of Vanity Fair and Jonathan Mahler of the New York Times appeared on Charlie Rose this week and Jared Kushner was on the menu. Maybe surprisingly, they had lots of nice things to say about the man who has the president elect’s ear.

“I think he values loyalty and family loyalty in particular… [He’s] someone who has ideas, who has a vision, who works tirelessly, but who in the end [Donald] knows has his back,” Fox told Rose.

“All these other advisors have their own constituencies, they have their people who they are looking out for and whose interests they are representing when they told to Donald. But Jared is all about Donald,” Mahler added.

Rose also discusses the specifics of Kushner’s evolving role in the Trump White House, his fraught relationship with Chris Christie and Twitter.

Check out the full discussion below. Note: skip ahead to 44:08 for the discussion on Kushner (unless you want 45 minutes of Thomas Friedman first).

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