That’s not a soda stain: Maid’s lawsuit against Bloomberg’s Hamptons estate alleges rampant sex, discrimination

March 29, 2017 05:16PM

Every surface in Michael Bloomberg’s 22,000-square-foot Southampton mansion may need an extra scrubbing. Two managers of the $20 million compound were recently sued by a former housekeeper, Nelly Amaya, who alleges that the couple made a habit of getting busy (and not in the sense of being very productive) all over the property. In the lawsuit, Amaya claims she once heard the randy pair plotting to “have sex in the billiard room in the basement, next to the laundry room.” Two weeks into the job, a fellow worker warned her to be careful when she entered rooms because she could easily walk in on the couple, the suit also alleges. Bloomberg himself was not named in the lawsuit filed against the property management entity, Ballyshear LLC; the two managers and a human resources employee. The maid described the former mayor as a “good boss” who was “really respectful.” [NYP]