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BP Capital CEO and chairman’s Texas ranch hits the market at record-setting price

T. Boone Pickens explains his reasons for selling of the property he built over almost five decades
December 02, 2017 01:42PM


One of the biggest listings in U.S. history, the Texas Panhandle ranch is on the market for $250 million.

Built over 46 years by current owner T. Boon Pickens, chairman and CEO of BP Capital Management, the nearly 65,000-acre property consists of a private airport, a chapel, newly-built residences, Pickens’ childhood home — which he had moved from its original site in Oklahoma — a tennis court and golf course, among so much more, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Notably, Pickens preserved the land to become a natural habitat for the game he loves to hunt: bobwhite quails. (Forty bird dogs and their 11,000-square-foot stone kennel come with the sale as well.) After heavy investment in wildlife management plans, the property now resembles “pristine prairie conditions, much as it has been in centuries past,” according to Pickens’ personal statement which he posted on LinkedIn.

Known as the Mesa Vista ranch, Pickens’ post also explains why he’s selling the property he spent much of his life creating: “My fading vision and limited hearing have forced me to give up things I’ve loved and excelled at — golf and hunting, in particular. Although the beauty of Mesa Vista remains intact, the ranch roads I have driven thousands of times are now blurred. It’s time to embrace and accept that my life has changed.”

He also went on to say he plans on ensuring the next owner shares his “conservation ethic.” The listing is being shared by Chas. S. Middleton and Son’s Sam Middleton and Hall and Hall’s Monte Lyons.

[WSJ] — E.K. Hudson