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Canadian company trying to open “robot brothel” in Houston lacks proper permits, city says

October 05, 2018 09:08AM

A Canadian company that’s trying to open a “robot brothel” in Houston has been hit with a stop-work order because it doesn’t have the right permits, the Houston Chronicle reported. KinkySDollS had said it planned to open a brothel “where human-like dolls are erotically displayed and can be rented to use in private rooms,” the outlet reported. The company will have to obtain a demolition permit and submit plans for the site if it wants to proceed, a spokesperson for the mayor’s office told the outlet. The mayor, however, is opposed to the project, and said the city is trying to determine whether an existing ordinance could either keep the brothel from opening or regulate it. The city is also mulling drafting new ordinances to do so, according to the outlet. [Houston Chronicle]