Billionaires’ rule the world, NYC real estate edition

Ultra-high-net-worth individuals vs. everybody else
By E.B. Solomont | July 11, 2019 04:30PM

As the overall luxury real estate market has sagged in New York City, the billionaire set is still on the make, sending handlers to scout out penthouses and townhouses and finalizing transactions left and right. Here’s a look at some key numbers surrounding the set of buyers who make top NYC developers and high-end sellers salivate. And for more on NYC’s billionaire buying frenzy read the full story here.

The number of billionaires worldwide
as of 2018, including 705 in the U.S.
Oh, and their combined net worth is a
staggering $8.6 trillion.


The number of billionaires in NYC as
of 2018. By comparison, Hong Kong
has 87, San Francisco has 75 and Los
Angeles has 39.


The number of Manhattan listings
priced at $30 million and up,
including 23 above $50 million.


The number of NYC “Wall Street
Financiers,” who are estimated to be
worth an average of $132 million each.


The number of sales above $30
million in 2019’s first quarter,
including three above $50 million.
By comparison, in 2018’s first
quarter, there were four at $30
million-plus and none above
$50 million.


The drop in overall luxury sales
volume in 2019’s first quarter year
over year, with days on market
also up 23.5 percent.


The vacancy rate on Billionaires’ Row,
where there are 496 available units
out of 907.


The average number of homes that
ultra-high-net-worth individuals —
aka UHNWIs — own globally. The
average is 4.63 among UHNWIs from
the Middle East.

Sources: Wealth-X, Knight Frank, Miller Samuel and StreetEasy