Brokers in cabs: An interview with Bohemia Realty Group’s Sarah Saltzberg

Broker and founder of Bohemia Realty Group on Harlem, Broadway and finding inspiration
By Adam Pogoff and Erin Hudson | July 23, 2019 07:00AM

In the latest episode of The Real Deal’s “Brokers In Cabs” series, Bohemia Realty Group’s Sarah Saltzberg talks about juggling her work in theater and real estate, the future of Harlem and the mischaracterization of brokers as “money-hungry and doing the bare minimum.”

When Saltzberg and Jon Goodell co-founded Bohemia in 2012, the two conceived of the brokerage as a place where artists could earn a steady paycheck between creative pursuits or build up the cash to launch their own businesses. Most of its more than 100 agents also work in show business — so much so that Saltzberg calls her firm the “Green Room of Real Estate,” a reference to the room where performers wait until it’s time to grace the stage.

Watch the full video above to see Saltzberg’s thoughts on improvisation, making fantasy reality and more.