Leaving Arizona: State’s hard line on real estate licensing drives firms away

November 23, 2018 08:00AM

(Credit: iStock)

After Arizona took a hard line on real estate licensing, two companies that work with property rentals have exited the state entirely.

Virtually Incredible, which takes lead calls about leases, and OnSight PROS, which examines apartments to determine how much of a security deposit should be returned, were told their employees would have to get licenses to work in Arizona, according to Inman.

Rather than do that — or go to court to fight the mandate — the companies ceased doing business in the state.

Florida-based Virtually Incredible uses a call center in the Philippines to handle inquiries about rentals. Company officials said it helps answer basic questions and helps keep landlords from getting bogged down with calls that never lead to leases. Serious inquiries are transferred to U.S.-based employees to pursue.

Landlords hire Texas-based OnSight PROS to detail the condition of a rental unit before tenants move in, then again when they move out to determine how much of their deposit money should be returned. The employees are not licensed inspectors.

Arizona officials told both firms that real estate licenses were required to do the tasks in question.

Virtually Impossible founder Todd Breen and OnSight PROS CEO James Alderson said the hard line on licensing will turn off companies that may be interested in investing in Arizona.