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    Home Staging Myths that Are Costing You Sales

    Homes are staged and sold every day. With so many hands in the pot, it’s natural that myths develop and get spread around rather quickly. Rumor has it that even you may have heard a few of these myths at some point or another. Some of them are harmless, but some of them can actually cost you time and money. So today, Broome + Greene gets to the bottom of a few of these rumors to help shed light on the techniques that you do want to use. 

    Myth 1: Home Staging Is Only for the Interior

    In order to get the top selling price, designers have found that it’s best to stage every area of a home, including the outside. Curb appeal is a big consideration for buyers. While you might get some people who are willing to overlook overgrown shrubs or dirty siding, it’s safe to say that these things are certainly not working in anyone’s favor. An unkempt exterior is a red flag for buyers that this home is in fact not move-in ready. 

    The only time when you might be able to skip outside staging is with apartments. Even then, however, you could welcome potential buyers in with a nice clean doormat. Additionally, a lot of apartments have some sort of patio or balcony or shared common areas that you could stage to show off the home’s potential. 

    Myth 2: All Neutral Everything Is Best

    It’s true that staged homes should be relatively neutral. Crazy wallpaper and bold-colored couches might distract potential buyers and even turn them off. It paints them an image of a certain type of person who might live there, and that person might not be them. When you go neutral, you can appeal to a wider audience. However, there’s a very thin line between neutral and boring that you don’t want to cross. There should always be some pops of color here and there. Instead of painting the walls a bland beige or brown, go with white, light gray or light blue instead. 

    Myth 3: Home Staging Isn’t Worth It

    Most professional stagers and designers recognize the value of getting a home market-ready. But even then, some make the mistake of just doing the bare minimum. They might only stage one or two rooms, for example, or do the same styling techniques for every home. The more effort you put into staging, the sooner your listing is likely to sell. It’s important to keep up with changing trends and select modern home furniture and décor that buyers will be drawn to. Often, a staged home sells for more money and sells faster, too. In such a competitive, fast-paced market, thoughtful staging can truly give you the advantage you need.

    Home Staging Solutions from Broome + Greene

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