Rent laws

The new rent bill that was signed into law in June has been described as “devastating” and “disastrous” for New York City’s real estate industry. But what specifically does it mean for certain multifamily landlords?

The new legislation touches on a wide range of rent-related issues, from vacancies and improvements to condo conversions and mobile homes. To illustrate the practical impact of these changes, The Real Deal took a look at one hypothetical rent-stabilized apartment charging $1,300 a month — with a hypothetical aggressively rent-maximizing landlord — to see how effective landlords’ favored rent-maximization tools will look under the new rules. 

Possible Rent Increases  |  Before & After

Source: First published in June 2019 on TRD analysis of MCIs, IAIs, deregulation and preferential rent before and after the 2019 rent laws went into effect.