NYC’s top residential sales

220 Central Park South

220 Central Park South

NYC’S BIGGEST RESIDENTIAL DEALS OF 2020 WERE reminiscent of a different time — when the luxury market wasn’t at the mercy of a downturn and a pandemic.

The 10 most expensive home sales were all at the same address: Vornado Realty Trust’s 220 Central Park South, closing deals that went into contract between 2015 and 2019, at prices ranging from $53.6 million to $99.9 million.

Only when considering the top 20 residential deals did trades outside of Steven Roth’s towering condo project appear. And even then, 220 Central Park South accounted for 16 of the 20 spots.

Financier J.Christopher Flowers’ $43 million purchase of a 7,500-square-foot co-op broke Vornado’s streak, ranking at number 15.

1220 Central Park South, PH76$99.9MVornado Realty Trust76CPS LP
2220 Central Park South, V-8$65.59MVornado Realty TrustENKA Residence LLC
3220 Central Park South, 72$63.13MVornado Realty TrustSASA 1 LLC
4220 Central Park South, 71$62.62MVornado Realty Trust220 CPS 71 Holding LLC
5220 Central Park South, 69$61.6MVornado Realty TrustAeh Jay Corp.
6220 Central Park South, 70$61MVornado Realty Trust220 CPS NY LLC
7220 Central Park South, 65$56.26MVornado Realty TrustG's Delight LLC
8220 Central Park South, 68$55.5MVornado Realty TrustKMZM LLC
9220 Central Park South, 64$53.97MVornado Realty Trust220 CPS 64 LLC
10220 Central Park South, 63$53.59MVornado Realty Trust22063 Realty Trust
11220 Central Park South, 62$52.19MVornado Realty Trust220 Central Park South Trust No. 1
12220 Central Park South, 61$51.42MVornado Realty Trust220 Property Holdings LLC
13220 Central Park South, 60$50.91MVornado Realty TrustRice5 LLC
14220 Central Park South, V-11$49MVornado Realty TrustCPS Realty Partners LLC
154 East 66th Street, 8$43MBessemer Trust Company of DelawareAnne, J. Christopher Flowers
16220 Central Park South, V-7$40.73MVornado Realty Trust220CPSV710019 LLC
17220 Central Park South, V-10$40MVornado Realty Trust220 CPS V10 LLC
184 East 75th Street$38MCentral Eight Realty LLC, 15 E 62nd Street8 East 75 LLC
19419-421 Broome Street, 5,
419 Broome Street, 6
$35.14M421 Broome Street, LLC, 419-421 Broome StreetMF. Nemshov1tz NY Realty Inc.
20610 Park Avenue, PH16E$32M610 Park LLC,
111 West 67th Street, 34D
16EF Apartment LLC
Source: First published in December on TRD analysis of New York City residential sales that closed between January 1, 2020 and December 1, 2020.