There is no returning to pre-COVID times for CRE. The world changed when office workers went remote, as did their expectations for returning. Companies are coming to the realization that while the pandemic will prove to be temporary, the changes to work are likely to be permanent.

Commercial offices now need to adapt in order to avoid costly vacancies and stay relevant. The most popular option to bring back offices is proving to be flexible solutions but delivering flexible spaces efficiently and at scale is complex, and riddled with challenges and risks.

The TRD Brand Studio will be hosting its first virtual event on Tuesday, May 4th at 2pm EST/11am PST to help CRE answer these questions. Optimizing the office: how flexible work spaces will bring back office tenants will be a live event featuring subject matter experts who will share their insights and knowledge on these topics and more, so landlords can learn how they can easily create workable spaces in a post-Covid world.


Michael Beckerman
Jeremy Bernard
Anna Squires Levine
Wayne Berger
Michael Caracciolo
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