San Francisco rejects Airbnb restrictions

Referendum to limit rentals to 75 days a year was voted down

Nov.November 04, 2015 09:58 PM

From the New York website: San Francisco residents chose not to bring down the regulatory hammer on Airbnb and other short-term rental services.

On Tuesday, voters there rejected Proposition F, a ballot measure that would have dropped the limit on the total number of days an apartment can be rented through the service without the owner present, from 90 days down to 75. There’s no such limit if the unit’s owner is present.

The vote was 55 percent against Prop F, 44 percent for. The measure would also have required “hosts” to show proof that a unit was authorized to be rented short term, as well as required them to file quarterly reports on their rental activity. Services like HomeAway, VRBO and Flipkey would have also been affected by an affirmative vote, CNN reported. [more]

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