Council members seek to change outdated Ventura Boulevard plan

It has been over 26 years since it was last updated

September 20, 2017 05:00 PM
Collage (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Council members are pushing for development rules to change in an area best known via Tom Petty: “west, down Ventura Boulevard.”

Four Council members are trying to revamp the 26-year-old Venture-Cahuenga Boulevard Corridor Specific Plan, Urbanize reported. The 1991 plan guides land use and development for the iconic street that stretches through the Valley between Woodland Hills and Studio City.

Council members Bob Blumenfield, David Ryu, Paul Krekorian and Paul Koretz are claiming the plan is outdated and is “unresponsive to changes in community and business needs, design guidelines, commercial economics and development.” The group also mentioned the plan’s inadequacy at addressing new transportation policies.

Several groups with the city, including the Planning Department and Department of Neighborhood Empowerment, were asked to report back in 60 days on options for updates to the plan, including costs, potential funding sources and an approximate timeline.

The motion will be referred to the City Council’s Planning and Land Use Committee for consideration. [Urbanize] – Natalie Hoberman

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