April 2018 Issue

Probing paychecks

TRD surveyed an array of jobs across the L.A. real estate industry to find out who’s raking in the big bucks and whose salaries are waning in today’s market

Like most reality shows, Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” tends to airbrush a less glamorous reality. By showcasing the schmoozing over lunches, Rolls-Royces and fancy open-house cocktails, the show paints a very posh picture of what working in real estate is like — and gives the perception that most people in the industry operate at that level of play. But as interviews with brokers, appraisers, property managers and others … [more]

LA’s top luxury brokers

TRD’s ranking of high-flying agents finds them begging sellers to lower their expectations while listings priced over $40 million proliferate

Multi-course dinners, brandy tastings and even the odd theme party are among the fêtes high-end brokers throw in … [more]

Zillow-grade fever

While the increasingly costly listings service remains an essential tool for some brokers, others say it provides diminishing returns

Cahill Gordon & Reindel is in late-stage talks to relocate its offices in what could be Downtown’s largest new lease so far this year. … [more]

Real estate tech’s game-changers

The cryptocurrencies, A.I. and streamlining software that could transform the way brokers do business

Of all the hats a broker must wear through the course of the job, data scientist is a recent addition. Generating … [more]

Day in the life of: Scott Gillen

The Malibu developer on his latest spec home project, his unapologetic affinity for cigars and yelling at his broker twice a day

If Scott Gillen isn’t Malibu’s most ambitious builder — and he may well be — he’s definitely its most colorful. The cigar-chomping developer is a fixture in town, where you … [more]

Can retail rally?

As the Bloc undergoes a leadership shakeup, LA’s rival shopping centers compete for supremacy with remodeling plans and a revamped tenant mix

It was an announcement that would make fellow retail developers shudder: After five years and tens of millions of … [more]

A superpower’s big exit

Chinese investment tanked in 2017, but some say that spells opportunity for local players

One day it was raining yuan on Los Angeles and the next it was gone. The promise of a gilded age of Chinese investment in L.A. real estate — sparked … [more]

LA’s biggest construction lenders

The financing is flowing — but only from a few well-funded lenders (yes, Bank of the Ozarks is one)

In Los Angeles as of late, it seems the cash spigots have been turned on for several large-scale developments. … [more]

Lockdown on Airbnb

Cities around LA County are adopting restrictive home-sharing regulations that could cause major problems for the online platform

UPDATED May 3, 2018, 5:04 p.m. Airbnb has been shackled or shut out of a number of cities in Los Angeles County, but that hasn’t stopped the growth of the … [more]

Sand dollars

Homeowners in Coachella see stratospheric profits in peak season rentals amid growing concerns about short-term leases

This year, it was estimated that roughly 125,000 people would show up to the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival during the weekends of April 13-15 and April 20-22 to … [more]

The SoCal squeeze

Listings are still moving at lightning-fast speeds throughout the counties surrounding L.A.

UPDATED April 25, 1:57 p.m.: It’s no secret that lack of inventory is a problem these days in Southern California. And while it continues to rankle residential brokers across the … [more]

Divine Irvine?

Buyers are amped on one of the O.C.’s relatively affordable and bustling enclaves, but inventory is tight and getting tighter

In early April, Irvine realtor Jim Watson only had about $15 million worth of inventory, mostly single-family houses ranging in price from $1.5 to $5 million. This was not a … [more]

Market ‘healthy’ after wildfires

Towns are still cleaning up after last year’s record-breaking fires, but business was back to normal within a few weeks

Drivers on the 405 Freeway were met with an apocalyptic scene on Dec. 6, when flames engulfed the surrounding … [more]

The Closing: Mark McLaughlin

Mark McLaughlin is the CEO of Pacific Union International, the largest independent residential real estate brokerage in the state. He acquired the company in 2009, following a stint in commercial … [more]

Earnings angst

As 2017 earnings reports trickle in from various public real estate companies, the industry is fighting off some serious salary envy. After all, when Blackstone CEO Stephen Schwarzman takes home … [more]

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