October 2019 Issue

Netflix and…filled

The streaming giants have gone on a binge inking deals in L.A. But old-guard studios still control most of the space

The streaming wars’ latest skirmish came in October when Apple announced it would produce the World War II series “Masters of the Air” in-house at the company’s Apple  TV+ studio in Culver City. Hollywood saw the news as proof that Apple is joining Netflix and Amazon Studios as streaming’s biggest threats to film studios, and that it would be foolish to bet against Apple, what with its $1 trillion-plus valuation. … [more]

When will the condo craze kick in?

Will Los Angeles ever be a luxury condo metropolis? Zoning laws, building costs and buyers’ preference for more space have all conspired to keep L.A. homes close to the ground. … [more]

Love in this Club

In a city where exclusivity is a badge of honor, private clubs are proliferating

Tucked away on Melrose Place between the trendy Alfred Coffee and the Mediterranean bistro Fig & Olive, there’s a nondescript door. Behind it is AllBright, the latest exclusive social club … [more]

How to get away with [selling a] murder [house]

Homes with grisly pasts present sticky issues for LA’s listing agents

Los Angeles might be just as famous for its grisly murders as it is for its movie industry. Tourists can take true-crime tours of the Beverly Hills mansion where the … [more]

Weathering the trade war

From supply chains to commercial capital, LA’s real estate industry is feeling the pressure of tensions with China

With a handshake between leaders in the Oval Office on Oct. 11, the U.S. and China entered into a tentative truce in a nearly two-year-long trade war. Tariffs … [more]

Inside the battle to dent rent control

California landlords brace for “full-contact” confrontation

If there’s one home truth landlords have learned of late, it’s that millions of dollars in lobbying muscle can only take you so far. With lawmakers in major U.S. … [more]

Gaw only knows

What does Goodwin Gaw see in the future of retail that the rest of us don’t?

If the prevailing wisdom is that a) retail real estate is suffering and b) Chinese investment is on the wane, then Goodwin Gaw’s recent investment is a head-scratcher. Over the … [more]

SoCal’s steady progress

The counties outside Los Angeles are seeing modest gains in resi sales as commercial projects slowly gain steam

Santa Barbara Home prices held steady at summer’s end in Santa Barbara, with an August median just about matching August 2018’s median of $1.29 … [more]

The Closing: Jamie Duran

The Coldwell Banker prez on an industry in flux, keeping talent and morning affirmations

Jamie Duran is the president of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in Southern California. She oversees more than 4,500 agents and 200 employees … [more]

The Real Deal LA’s fall issue is live!

 Our fall issue is live! Check out all of the stories, available to subscribers here. Here’s a look at few of the highlights: While traditional studios like Paramount and Disney … [more]

Publisher’s note: A confession of Noo Yawk hubris

It’s great to learn from others’ mistakes, but sometimes you have to make them yourself to truly get it. We launched The Real Deal’s Los Angeles edition in 2016 with … [more]