September 2016 Issue

Big questions loom over Downtown transformation

Pros wonder whether demand can absorb
the flood of new supply

Real estate investors have increasingly poured more and more money into Downtown Los Angeles over the past two to three years, building skyscrapers, revamping retail spaces and redeveloping older industrial structures. This may be the area’s most active period since the 1990s, when developers first began erecting gleaming skyscrapers in an area once dominated by drab parking garages, low-rise buildings and high crime rates. But at this late stage of … [more]

Silicon Beach keeps on scaling upward and outward

Rents soar in hot hoods, but expansion could prove to be a market equalizer

In less than a decade, Silicon Beach has grown from a Silicon Valley outpost in Santa Monica to encompass a stretch … [more]

The rise of the modern spec home

New breed of luxury buyer favors sleeker designs

Many of the luxury homes in the most coveted sections of Los Angeles — such as the area north of Sunset Boulevard, Holmby Hills, and of course, Beverly Hills — … [more]

Topping off a building binge

Signs of caution emerge in a year of record-setting deals

Flocks of construction cranes are roosting in many Los Angeles neighborhoods. This late in the cycle, experts say, developers are rushing to complete new retail, residential and hotel projects — … [more]

Dining with the stars

Celebrity backers debut restaurants in their own backyard, snapping up prime real estate in L.A.’s hottest hoods

Los Angeles is serving up a new role for celebrities and their quasi-celebrity counterparts: restaurateur. Expanding on a trend sparked by the tremendous … [more]

Netting the highest-flying agents

Newbie brokerage firms scampering to lure the top L.A. brokers

The booming Los Angeles housing market has become the new frontier for residential brokerages from other parts of the country, particularly New York. Over the … [more]

Mayor Eric Garcetti and the building boom

The so-called "hipster mayor" talks housing goals

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has appeared with Jay Z to promote an open-air music festival, lit the façade of City Hall in purple to mark the death of Prince, … [more]

Renaissance of the Arts District

A block-by-block look at the development shaping DTLA’s hippest neighborhood

New crops of highly visible developments are seemingly sprouting up on every corner of the Los Angeles Arts District … [more]

Jamison finds its way home

Office landlord Dr. Lee turns to rentals in gentrifying Koreatown

There are few in commercial real estate in Los Angeles who haven’t interacted in some way, shape or form with David Lee, the largest private office landlord in … [more]

The rebirth of Koreatown

As Wilshire Boulevard wends its way through the city — from the Pacific Ocean to Downtown Los Angeles — the thoroughfare is dotted with the landmarks of the neighborhoods it … [more]

The battle for Beverly Hills

Developers maneuver to define the city’s skyline by any means necessary, whether it be at the ballot box or in the local papers

It took 19 heated hearings for the City of Beverly Hills to approve developer Beny Alagem’s plan for two condo … [more]

Lending constraints put the squeeze on developers

Debt funds are among the capital sources builders are increasingly turning to as banks retreat

Developers plotting to build in the hot Los Angeles market are bracing for tighter lending conditions, even for … [more]

Q&A with architect Christopher Martin

The Wilshire Grand’s designer on setting records Downtown and the dangers of NIMBYism

Christopher Martin is a dyed-in-the-wool Angeleno. His father and grandfather both had long, productive careers as L.A. architects, and many of his own commissions have been centered in and around … [more]

Plenty of room at the inn

Developers are building thousands of hotel rooms in Los Angeles, but backers are beginning to worry about oversupply

The Los Angeles hotel market isn’t huge by comparison with that of New York or Chicago, but developers appear to be intent on rectifying that. With nearly … [more]

Reimagining shopping malls

As guests flock to new theme park-style shopping centers, Southern California mall owners undertake major renovations

When The Grove opened in 2002, it was a breath of fresh air for Southern California shoppers — literally. After years … [more]

Manufacturing boom puts the pinch on industrial space

Vacancy rates in single digits in the country’s strongest industrial base

Los Angeles is used to rapid growth. But even by L.A. standards, the burgeoning demand for industrial real estate in the area and its adjacent counties is … [more]

Sliding into view

Two new observation decks atop prominent DTLA skyscrapers will vie for visitors — and dollars

When tourists envision Los Angeles, they typically imagine Venice Beach, Beverly Hills mansions and the iconic Hollywood sign. Few of them think of the Downtown … [more]

Celebrity home swapping

A-listers trade homes among themselves, creating properties with storied pasts

No other ritzy real estate market has such a high concentration of celebrities — block by block — as the most desirable zip codes in Los Angeles. The American film … [more]

Editor’s note: First off the block

In many ways, the City of Angels is reaching for the stars — not just on the sidewalks, but through the rapidly ascending skyline as well. Developers are building projects … [more]

From the L.A. Managing Editor

We were thrilled to open the doors to our Los Angeles office at the start of this year, when we launched our fast-paced website. Since then, we’ve been breaking real … [more]

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