August 2013

Red flags for real estate

In a Wall Street Journal op-ed last month, Boston Properties Chairman Mort Zuckerman voiced concerns about the economy, and especially the listless growth of the job market. “The country needs a real recovery, not a phony one,” the mogul wrote. His viewpoint stands in stark contrast to much of the economic news Americans have heard over the past few months, and especially to the buoyant mood felt in New York… [more]

Shopping with Steve

SAC Capital Advisors founder Steven Cohen is at the center of one of the biggest insider-trading cases ever. And the 57-year-old hedge-fund king — reports put his worth at $8… [more]

Huang out to dry

For a while, it seemed like developer Thomas “Tommy” Huang was living the American dream. The immigrant businessman came to New York nearly 40 years ago and parlayed a Queens… [more]

New York City’s best commercial firms to work for

Commercial brokers have long days, filled with structuring deals, sourcing financing and pulling market data. And all those hours mean it’s important for brokers to find a firm that’s a… [more]

Manhattan’s biggest managing agents

They pencil out budgets. They organize repairs. They field complaints about noise in the middle of the night. And many of Manhattan’s managing agents — the companies that handle the… [more]

Common charges: How low can they go?

Low common charges have always been a draw for buyers on the hunt for a luxury condo. Even in this fast-moving market, condo boards are paying close attention to monthly… [more]

Mitch Rudin (Photo by STUDIO SCRIVO)

The Closing with Mitch Rudin

Mitch Rudin is president and CEO of U.S. commercial operations at Brookfield Office Properties. He joined Brookfield in 2011 from the brokerage CBRE, where he’d been president of U.S. Transaction… [more]

Finding a way around the all-cash buy

Cash remains king for buyers scrambling to get the edge in New York City’s heated housing market. But most aren’t really draining their rainy-day funds — not at all. They’re… [more]

Architecture review: Brutalism revisited

Contemporary architecture in New York City tends to come in one of three broad formal categories: the deconstructivist style of Frank Gehry’s 8 Spruce Street, the neoclassicism associated with Robert… [more]

703 Fairview Avenue

Ridgewood rising

Every year in New York City real estate, it seems, a new area is anointed the next hot neighborhood — from Long Island City in Queens to Bushwick and Greenpoint… [more]

Staten Island, beyond Sandy

It’s a tale of two markets right now on Staten Island, where Superstorm Sandy ravaged waterfront communities but left other areas with little more than downed trees. So while low-lying… [more]

Beyond Holiday Inns in Brooklyn

For years, Brooklyn has been a difficult place to find a hotel room. But the number — and quality — of Brooklyn hotels is set to soar, thanks to nearly… [more]

Brokers Donna Olshan and Michael Graves

Buyers’ brokers struggle in seller’s market

In a city where only sellers’ brokers have exclusive contracts, representing a buyer is a tough job. And now it’s tougher than ever, thanks to the ongoing inventory shortage afflicting… [more]

Funny money

In New York City real estate, it’s a time of record-setting deals, low inventory and apartments getting snapped up at lightning speed. But at the tippy top of the luxury… [more]

TAMI to the rescue

It’s been a difficult month for financial firms, with investment bank Gleacher & Co. winding down and hedge fund giant SAC Capital Advisors accused of insider trading. Luckily for the… [more]

Bruce Mosler of Cushman & Wakefield

Political players

All politics is local, the late House Speaker Tip O’Neill famously noted, and there are few businesses where that rule of thumb is more important than real estate. After all,… [more]

A changing Upper East Side

The Upper East Side used to be called the Silk Stocking District. Today, the ritzy nickname isn’t heard very often, but the neighborhood is still one of New York City’s… [more]

The low down on loans

It’s a crucial question for many first-time and moderate-income buyers in rebounding markets across the country: Where do we find the lowest down payment, the lowest monthly cost loans? The… [more]

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