December 2019 Issue

The Closing: Ben Carson

Ben Carson’s office is what one might expect from a former neurosurgeon: clean, with few distractions, in a sterile, hospital-like setting. The Secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has routinely characterized the agency’s 1960s-era concrete semi-circular structure — the Robert C. Weaver Federal Building — as the ugliest in Washington, D.C. One of the few paintings in his office is of members of the president’s original… [more]

REBNY starts singing
a different tune

The trade group hopes to get by with a little help from its friends

Over the past few months, two occasional enemies on major real estate issues began quietly meeting. James Whelan… [more]

Fixing real estate’s
persuasion equation

From Airbnb to Amazon, the industry’s political efforts have been hitting a brick wall

In a small Venezuelan restaurant on a bustling street in Jersey City, a group of people on a stage held… [more]

Inside Playboy’s struggle with notorious investor Adam Hochfelder

Nearly 10 years after going to prison for fraud, the real estate investor is back in the spotlight after facing a flood of troubles at New York’s embattled Playboy Club

Adam Hochfelder pulled up to The Real Deal’s New York office in his Bentley on a mission. Prior to that Friday morning in June, the real estate investor and developer… [more]

No regrets on WeWork bets

Bill Rudin counted on the company at two big properties, but says WeWork 'anchor' won't sink family firm

Bill Rudin spent time this summer at the Brooklyn Navy Yard — not exactly one of his haunting grounds. In its 94 years… [more]

The tech test

It’s not just Facebook — developers and landlords are competing to land tech tenants, but also assessing the risk factor

After months of rumors and speculation over where Apple and Facebook would plant their flags in New York, Mark… [more]

Stellar’s dueling worlds

Stellar Management’s reputation is mixed — some view the active landlord as a well-oiled machine, while others see its track record with tenants as egregious

Stellar Management has kept a notably low profile for most of its roughly… [more]

Knighting a new retail ruler

Newmark Knight Frank skyrockets to top of brokerage ranking in wake of RKF buy — plus some positive signs trickle into the market amid the suffering 

It was hard to miss the near mass hysteria that overtook social media in … [more]

Editor’s note: The industry’s image problem

It’s been a tough year for real estate – but a good time for lobbyists. The industry seems to have lost the thread when it comes to getting politicians and… [more]


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A roundup of news and data on the residential market
A roundup of news and data on the residential market
A roundup of news and data on the commercial market
A roundup of news and data on the commercial market