December 2019 Issue

The Closing: Ben Carson

Ben Carson’s office is what one might expect from a former neurosurgeon: clean, with few distractions, in a sterile, hospital-like setting. The Secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has routinely characterized the agency’s 1960s-era concrete semi-circular structure — the Robert C. Weaver Federal Building — as the ugliest in Washington, D.C. One of the few paintings in his office is of members of the president’s original… [more]

REBNY starts singing
a different tune

Over the past few months, two occasional enemies on major real estate issues began quietly meeting. James Whelan… [more]

Fixing real estate’s
persuasion equation

In a small Venezuelan restaurant on a bustling street in Jersey City, a group of people on a stage held… [more]

Inside Playboy’s struggle with notorious investor Adam Hochfelder

Adam Hochfelder pulled up to The Real Deal’s New York office in his Bentley on a mission. Prior to that Friday morning in June, the real estate investor and developer… [more]

No regrets on WeWork bets

Bill Rudin spent time this summer at the Brooklyn Navy Yard — not exactly one of his haunting grounds. In its 94 years… [more]

The tech test

After months of rumors and speculation over where Apple and Facebook would plant their flags in New York, Mark… [more]

Stellar’s dueling worlds

Stellar Management has kept a notably low profile for most of its roughly… [more]

Knighting a new retail ruler

It was hard to miss the near mass hysteria that overtook social media in … [more]

Editor’s note: The industry’s image problem

It’s been a tough year for real estate – but a good time for lobbyists. The industry seems to have lost the thread when it comes to getting politicians and… [more]

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