The Real Deal Miami

New board game teaches real estate skills

November 19, 2008 03:50PM

Joel Harden developed Mogul: the Game of Real Estate Acquisition,
Finance, & Management, to help one of his children understand his
job as a real estate developer. The Philadelphia developer hopes the
$99.99 (lowered from $199.99) board game — which just hit the market — will teach financial confidence, making real life
financial transactions easier. As in Monopoly, one Mogul player acts as
a banker, and each player starts with cash. Players move along an
intricate board by rolling dice, which leads them through “operations,”
such as collecting rent, “events,” such as going to a casino, and
“life choices,” such as buying a house or getting married. Cards
require players to pay money for things like pet surgery or having
children. The player with the highest total net worth — each player
receives a financial worksheet to fill out, and players have bills and
credit ratings — wins the game. TRD