The Real Deal Miami

Circuit City closings to put real estate on the market, TV show sparks interest in haunted house … and more

February 05, 2009 05:39PM

1. Circuit City closings will put 18.71 million square feet of real estate on the market nationwide [Sun-Sentinel]
2. Luxury housing market no longer immune [Palm Beach Post]
3. City officials looking for help with Miami’s abandoned properties [Miami Sun Post]
4. Developer Mederos & Associates faces five foreclosures [SFBJ]
5. TV show sparks interest in haunted house [Palm Beach Post]
6. Martin County wants Owl House added to historic preservation list [Sun-Sentinel]
7. Discount and warehouse stores to fare better than luxury and upscale chains [GlobeSt]
8. Gulf Coast apartments good for landlords [GlobeSt]

9. Over 500 clients from Miami-Dade and Broward counties invested with

Madoff [Miami Herald], [WSJ] and [NYT]
10. Many borrowers fall behind on reworked loans [Washington Post]