The Real Deal Miami

The other Trumps

By Sally Apgar | July 06, 2009 11:39AM

From the July New York issue: In some South Florida circles, they are known as “the Other Trumps.”
Brothers Jules and Eddie, the sons of a South African tailor known as
“Willie,” have no financial, philosophical or even familial ties to
Donald Trump. However, the Brothers Trump have quietly built an empire
on luxury real estate development, one which includes Williams Island
(named after their dad), an 82-acre posh preserve for the rich in
Aventura; the 51-story Acqualina Resort & Spa in Sunny Isles; and
Luxuria in Boca Raton, seaside condos that include flat-screen
televisions in the bathrooms.
“We love building high-end boutique buildings on the water,” said
Michael Goldstein, who has worked for the Trumps for 13 years and is
president of sales.
“The luxury market is strictly a niche market,” added Goldstein.
“We’re strictly dealing with the high-end. Yeah, the market is slowing
down and if people tell you different, they’re lying. But people with
money always have money, and they always want the finest.”