The Real Deal Miami

LA Times examines NY real estate through lens of The Real Deal

July 30, 2009 02:42PM

The Los Angeles Times profiled The Real Deal in a front-page story as part of a look at the changing landscape of New York real estate. The Real Deal
“mines the big-money, character-rich world of New York real estate as
if it were a professional sport,” the LA Times says. As the market has
shifted from boom to bust, the LA Times says, The Real Deal has broadened its scope to cover disagreements between developers and marketers, buildings with the highest concentrations of Bernie Madoff victims and lawsuits — and “has become a must-read for real estate insiders.” The LA Times provided a glimpse into what The Real Deal’s recent magazine issues have covered and what stories it is looking into for upcoming issues — a Manhattan developer possibly demolishing a half-built skyscraper and a residential brokerage house that fired its in-house masseuse. For the full story, click here.