The Real Deal Miami

Wynwood edges in on South Beach’s hot spot allure, mortgage brokers fight back against proposed compensation regulation … and more

December 29, 2009 10:03AM

1. Foreclosures were among state’s top stories of 2009, newspaper editors say [WPLG]
2. Former BofA execs look to purchase Florida banking assets [American Banking News]
3. Fire and safety concerns result in shuttering of Virginia Key restaurant [WPLG]
4. Why sell your house sooner rather than later in 2010 is wise [Sun Sentinel]
5. Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood edges in on South Beach’s hot spot allure [Rented Spaces]
6. Tenant’s father hits Fort Lauderdale landlord with car over parking squabble [Sun Sentinel]
7. Mortgage brokers fight back against Fed’s proposed compensation regulation [National Mortgage News]
8. Future plans for Fannie and Freddie in limbo [Bloomberg]
9. New term-deposit facility proposed at the Fed [Fox Business]
10. Fitch remains negative on CMBS [Housing Wire]
11. Krugman worried about economy contracting in second half of next year [Huffington Post]

12. Moody’s commercial real estate price index shows more declines [Retail Traffic Mag]
13. Government housing support programs roundup [Calculated Risk]

14. Economists predict ease in rate of home price drops [Bloomberg]