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Appraiser butting heads — literally

By Amy Tennery | April 12, 2010 02:14PM

Andrew Fautley

From the New York April issue: Andrew Fautley, a veteran New York City appraiser, has been cracking skulls for years. No, he doesn’t moonlight for the mafia; he takes out his aggression on the rugby field. And now he’s taking his hobby, which was catapulted to the forefront of the American consciousness with the blockbuster movie “Invictus” last year, to the world stage. Indeed, with the recent Olympic Committee decision to bring on rugby as an official sport of the games (in exhibition in 2012 and officially in 2016), Fautley, 47, is trading in his calculator for his rugby jersey. The cofounder of the Vanderbilt Appraisal Company has left his firm and the world of real estate in New York City, upstate and New Jersey indefinitely to manage and help coach the U.S. men’s Olympic squad.