The Real Deal Miami

Haitian presidential hopeful has South Florida real estate problems

October 22, 2010 12:00PM

Jude Célestin, the hand-picked successor for Haitian President René
Préval, has a long list of liens and foreclosures on properties he owns
in South Florida. Célestin and longtime acquaintance Tania Chihimie
bought a Weston home four years ago for $1.1 million, but the house was
placed in foreclosure this year. The bank is seeking $1.06 million in
the action. The property is the second of the candidate’s South Florida
homes to be foreclosed on or threatened with foreclosure. He purchased
three homes in the region since 2002. Chihimie said she took full
responsibility for the Weston home, and that Célestin had not had any
dealings on it. [Miami