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Which came first: the apartment or the egg?

December 13, 2010 11:02AM

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Architect Dai Haifei and his egg home

While many 20-somethings return to the nest after college, a 24-year-old Beijing architect went a different route: he moved into the egg — an egg-like studio apartment, that is, according to Housing Watch. Dai Haifei, who bemoaned the high cost of living in the Chinese metropolis, designed his six-foot-high abode himself, complete with a green roof that sprouts grass. The egg home, which cost $969 to build and $538 to transport to the city sidewalk, has no kitchen, but does include a small bed and modest furnishings. Unfortunately for Haifei, city managers ordered his egg off the city streets, arguing that it didn’t meet housing regulations. No word yet on where Haifei with lay next. [Housing Watch]