The Real Deal Miami

“Redfields to Greenfields” initiative to turn commercial foreclosures into parks

December 28, 2010 10:45AM

A new proposal called “Redfields to Greenfields” is aimed at reducing
the supply of distressed commercial properties while reviving their
surrounding areas. The plan is to take troubled areas with commercial
properties no longer in use or in foreclosure and convert them into
parks. Miami is one of several U.S. cities to have completed a
“Redfields to Greenfields” study, with advocates looking to federal
stabilization programs for funding. Some of the land would become
permanent greenfields or developed as parks, but adjacent areas would
only be temporarily cleared, with the assumption that the market would
eventually rebound. “It’s about getting those toxic properties off the
books of the banks, but at the same time it reduces the amount of land
that’s zoned commercial,” says Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk, dean of the
University of Miami’s School of Architecture, who helped formulate a
plan for Miami-Dade County. [Miller-McCune]