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Welcome architect Barbie!

Mattel consulted with American Institute of Architects on the design
February 23, 2011 05:34PM

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Architect Barbie (click image for larger version)

Step aside, Frank Gehry — there’s a new starchitect in town! Mattel has unveiled the new “Barbie I Can Be… Architect” doll, a design-minded variation on the brand’s career-centric Barbie series. The doll wears an ombre-dyed purple frock, a white-stitched, black three-quarter-length-sleeve blazer and chic, wide-rimmed glasses. The doll, which is set to be released this fall, also comes with a model home and blueprints. The spokesperson for the American Institute of Architects said that while the organization didn’t partner with Mattel, the doll-maker did consult with them. Although she hasn’t hit shelves yet, the doll is available for pre-order at select retailers, including Target. Other “Barbie I Can Be…” dolls include a chef, computer engineer and dolphin trainer. [MediaBistro]