The Real Deal Miami

Pembroke Pines still waits on development

March 15, 2011 01:02AM

While western Pembroke Pines has the newly-constructed Pembroke Gardens
at the intersection of I-75, along with bustling retail activity,
eastern Pembroke Pines is a different story. The drastic difference
between the older eastern portion of the city and its western
counterpart is making eastern residents uneasy, said Jack McCluskey, the
city’s vice mayor, who has lived on the east side for 42 years. “People
see the development in the west and it looks good,” he said. “It’s nice
and green…the feeling a lot of people in the east have is we’re
second-class citizens. We’re not as good looking.” Five years ago, the
city had high hopes for a plan to revitalize the east side, but none of the $100 million in bonds has been spent yet and the amount earmarked
for spending has dropped to just $9 million. [Miami