Trump dials into Michele Bachmann conference call

Developer Donald Trump joined Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann
on a conference call with her supporters last night, though Bachmann
made clear his participation was not an endorsement of her, the New
York Times reported.

“He’s on the call because he’s admired,” she told what she said were
200,000 participants on the call.

In response to a question from a listener named Ralph from California
on whether he would consider a Trump-Bachmann or Bachmann-Trump
presidential ticket, The Donald did not answer directly. “I don’t
think that’s why we’re here tonight,’’ he said, adding, “I’ve gotten
to know Michele very well’’ and she is “a far cry from what we have in
the White House.’’

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Noting hundreds of real estate deals he had made, Trump said it was
suspicious that President Barack Obama had only made one deal in
Chicago, which he said was “very shaky” and “ought to be

When another listener, Alice from New Hampshire, expressed concern
about “what appears to be Marxist groups down there on Wall Street,”
in a reference to the Occupy Wall Street protests,Trump said he had seen a weekend march on Broadway and “it was not a
pleasant sight.”

Trump hung up after an hour, as Bachmann expressed her appreciation
for him: “I want to thank Mr. Trump. He’s offered an incredible voice
to this selection process.’’ [NYT]

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