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Preservationists: Bay Harbor’s historic architecture in peril

Condo surge on town's East Island has Miami Modern advocates worried
July 14, 2014 09:45AM

Teri D'Amico

Teri D’Amico

Preservationists are concerned that the condo development surge occurring on the East Island of the Town of Bay Harbor Islands could threaten numerous historic buildings with Miami Modern – or MiMo – design.

Bay Harbor’s East Island was added to the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s list of America’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Place. Historic preservation advocates hope the distinction makes town officials think twice before approving demolitions and residential developments. In recent months, the town approved about 25 new projects, with at least half replacing buildings considered architecturally significant in Miami-Dade County.

“They have basically ignored us,” Teri D’Amico told the Miami Herald. D’Amico is an interior designer and East Island resident who co-created the MiMo label.

“We have no planning or vision,” D’Amico said. “The new development is bad and so insensitive to what’s here.”

Bay Harbor Mayor Robert Yaffe disagreed with D’Amico’s criticism and noted the town has no authority to protect historic buildings. The county’s preservation board is in charge of designating such buildings. [Miami Herald]Eric Kalis