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Billionaire wants to add large U.S. flag to Miami skyline

Mike Fernandez scouts potential downtown sites for 400-foot flagpole
Mike Fernandez

Mike Fernandez

Downtown Miami’s evolving skyline could include a 500-pound American flag atop the tallest flagpole in the nation if billionaire Mike Fernandez gets his wish.

Fernandez arranged a Wednesday tour of several potential Miami sites for the flag with a Commissioner Frances Suarez and City Manager Daniel Alfonso. The chairman of Coral Gables-based MBF Healthcare Partners prefers a location between AmericanAirlines Arena and the Perez Art Museum Miami. The 400-foot flagpole would cost between $5 million and $10 million to construct.

“It’s a gift that I’d like to consider giving to our country and to our city,” Fernandez told the Miami Herald.

The former head fundraiser for Florida Gov. Rick Scott, Fernandez is a major Republican Party donor. He came to U.S. from Cuba in 1964. [Miami Herald]Eric Kalis

  • jake

    I hope this is an architectural gem flagpole and not one you find at a grade school lol.

    • Kristian Toimil

      Considering the price of things these days (quarter billion for a hallway at the WTC terminal in NYC?), $10 Million does sound awfully cheap

  • Kristian Toimil

    Well some of the Golden Exile Cubans wanted a museum in that area, why not build another flagpole with the Cuban flag on it instead?

    • Jake

      Because we are in AMERICA not Cuba. Castro flushed the toilets of Cuba.

  • Mike Kennedy

    Jimmy Carter, the Worst President ever, prevented us from making Cuba a Democracy. Cuban’s in America very hard working people.

  • Brian

    I hope this never, ever happens! Make one thousand smaller ones and put them by a military bases not in the middle of our great international city. It’s kind of an insult to people in this city, like we need to be reminded that this is an American city. We are a great international city with dozens of languages spoken each day. We are not just an American city anymore. We belong to the world. I know that I am an Ameican. I don’t need Steroid Flag to prove it!

    Use the money to benefit the less fortunate, not show off how rich you are. The Pope said to Help the Poor, He didn’t say build monuments to your greatness or American-ness! Better spend that money helping to take care of all those poor young mothers and children fleeing violence in their homelands. At least use the money to protect them from those evil “Christians” that are terrorizing them and wish them harm. Help welcome them into this country, the way you were welcomed in 1964 or better than the way you were welcomed. Besides, this is also Hurricane country. When the next big one hits, we’ll be picking up red, white and blue fabric for years to come. And the massive pole in a hurricane?

    Steroid flag will only make us look silly.

  • Respect Parks

    Bicentennial Park has been reduced enough by losing 8-9 acres to the money losing museums. Parcel B, the 4 acre site east of the AA Arena should be turned into a waterfront park and NOT used exclusively by Heat VIP’s. People should respect our waterfront parks.

  • Al Czverik

    Excellent idea. In a city loaded with so many unappreciative whiners, it is great to see an American success story arrive from Cuba and donate a symbol of the greatness of the American Dream. When you get to know Mr. Fernandez (or any number of successful exiles in our community), you will hear deep gratitude, appreciation, and indebtedness to the most unique and empowering society in the history of man; the United States.
    No self respecting, or successful American would be insulted by the US Flag.

    Yes Brian, Miami is an International city with dozens of languages spoken each day (duh!), but it is the United States of America that is the draw.
    Until the day that people hire Coyotes to transport themselves out of the USA, or construct milk jug rafts hoping to catch the current out of the USA to some better land of opportunity will I consider the idea that we do not owe our gifts to the US Constitution, the Founding Fathers, and the great individual citizens that have built and sustained the brightest beacon of hope for the world to be guided.
    Like the Statue of Liberty, Mt. Rushmore, or the Washington Monument, a 400 ft US Flag on the flight path to Miami International Airport and at the turning basin of the Largest Cruise Ship Port of the World.

  • SunnySideUpFlorida

    Thank you Mr. Fernandez for acting like a true American and proud to be an American! You are to be applauded!