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Neighbors grow cold to Vanilla Ice

Hypoluxo Island residents upset after rapper removes trees from his property
Vanilla Ice has annoyed some South Florida residents with his latest project.

Vanilla Ice

His name may be cool, but neighbors of Vanilla Ice are hot under the collar after discovering the rapper and television host removed trees from a property he bought on Hypoluxo Island.

The entertainer, whose real name is Rob Van Winkle, is filming his home renovation show “The Vanilla Ice Project” at the site and planning to flip the property.

According to the Palm Beach Post, while one of the trees removed was a Banyan tree and that Winkle had a permit to do so, residents were still distressed. In addition, live oak trees were removed, which is not permitted. Winkle received a citation for violating code. [Palm Beach Post] – Jennifer White Karp

  • I love his show, maybe instead of fixing up the amish, maybe he can move his interest to helping seniors, and or poor people.

  • Kristian Toimil

    He removed a banyan and live oaks? Hmm, I hope he doesn’t plan on turning this home into a Miami McMansion: afew palm trees and alotta pavement for the rides

  • Chris

    Hard to tell if the media is for Vanilla Ice or against him. Just read an article from two years back that says he was sued for association fees related to trees downed years before….but he no longer was associated with that house. But the link is prominently displayed below their current article. At the same time, they seem to promote the fact that he has upcoming projects and shows. I just want a lot more truth in this world from everyone, but silly me, that doesn’t sell news. I’m also not going to tell VI what projects to build or who to support, since he may already be doing good works. We all just want our voices heard.