GGP tops list of S&P 500’s biggest winners since recession

Mall landlord’s value grew more than 7,000%
March 13, 2017 12:45PM

Clockwise from left: Marc Holliday, Sandeep Mathrani (credit: Getty Images) and Bob Sulentic

From the New York website: General Growth Properties leads the pack of S&P 500 companies that have skyrocketed in value since the recession, climbing more than 7,000 percent since 2009.

CBRE and SL Green Realty also make the list of 40 stocks that have climbed more than 1,000 percent in value in the past eight years, MarketWatch reported.

The S&P 500 index has rallied roughly 250 percent since 2009, largely on the back of the Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing, according to analysts.

Of the 500 stocks that make up the large-cap index, a little bit more than 400 have doubled in value since 2009, and among those 40 have jumped 1,000 percent or more.

Chicago-based real estate investment trust GGP topped the list, growing 7,723 percent since March 9, 2009. CBRE ranked No. 26 at 1,299 percent and SL Green Realty came in at No. 38, growing 1,064 percent.

Brookfield Property Partners was said to be considering a buyout of GGP last year, but company executives squashed the rumor. [MarketWatch]Rich Bockmann