Blastoff? Architects envision tower strapped to asteroid, parachuting tenants

Asteroid would orbit northern and southern hemispheres
March 31, 2017 08:45AM

Rendering of Analema Tower (via Cloud Architecture Office)

From the New York website: The pitch to lenders could go something like this: The world’s tallest building will be strapped to a mobile space rock, and residents can come and go as they please so long as they parachute down to earth.

Are you sold?

Rendering of Analemma being constructed

This is the vision of New York-based Clouds Architecture Office, which has proposed a conceptual tower suspended from an orbiting asteroid, Dezeen reported. The hypothetical project, dubbed Analemma Tower, would be attached to a NASA-controlled asteroid. The asteroid would trace a figure eight path between the northern and southern hemispheres each day, spending the longest part of its orbit over Midtown Manhattan.

Analemma isn’t the firm’s first hypothetical voyage into space. Clouds won a competition hosted by NASA in 2015 to design a 3D printed home for Mars.

The conceptual tower joins other recent outlandish designs that reimagine how height is represented in the city. Earlier this month Oiio proposed what it billed as the world’s longest tower, which looks like two conjoined 432 Park Avenues.

No word yet on how Analemma will deal with tenant motion sickness. [Dezeen] — Kathryn Brenzel