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Couple plans to build a Palm Beach home next to Howard Stern’s

A money manager and his wife plan to build a 25,500-square-foot home on a lot they bought in 2005
August 27, 2017 11:50AM

Lewis Sanders, CEO of New York City-based Sanders Capital LLC

The owners of a vacant lot next to the Palm Beach home of radio show host Howard Stern plan to build a house there spanning more than 25,000 square feet.

The vacant lot is also near the Palm Beach residences of apparel designer Tommy Hilfiger, corporate takeover specialist Nelson Peltz and television show host Dr. Mehmet Oz.

Neither Stern nor the rest of the neighbors apparently have objections to plans by investment manager Lewis Sanders, CEO of New York City-based Sanders Capital LLC, and his wife, Alice, to build a 25,500-square-foot house on their vacant lot at 615 North County Road.

None of the nearby residents has filed a letter of objection to the Sanders’ house-construction project with the town government of Palm Beach.

The Sanders’ lot has remained vacant for more than a decade. The couple paid just under $25 million for the 3.45-acre lot in 2005, cleared the land and won town approval to build a mansion there.

Last spring, the couple contacted Palm Beach architect Jeffery Smith of Smith Architectural Group and asked him to design a 25,500-square-foot house for their lot.

Smith designed a new house for the Sanders that is comparable in size to the one the town approved earlier. Town approval of the new design is pending. The Palm Beach Architectural Commission has asked Smith to revise some of the details of the French-style house he designed for the Sanders. [Palm Beach Daily News] Mike Seemuth