The Real Deal Miami

October 2013 Issues

Yes, another record year

But experts predict new housing construction will level out market in 2014

Mortgage interest rates are rising, but inventory is still tight and demand is still high, which means the residential market is still humming along. Put another way: Homes are moving and prices keep climbing, South Florida’s real estate experts told The Real Deal. “The time to buy was probably before now, but the market shows continuing strength,” said Jay Parker, president and CEO of Douglas Elliman’s Florida operations. Parker and … [more]

Insights from a starchitect

Bjarke Ingels on ‘re-Groving’ and losing Miami Beach’s biggest project to his old boss

Bjarke Ingels is called a starchitect for a reason: his body of work. Though the Copenhagen native just turned 39 on Oct. 2, he already has a wheelbarrow of awards: … [more]

Fisher Island: Back on top as home to the ultra-rich

If there’s a real estate comeback kid, Fisher Island is a definite contender. When the housing market imploded six years ago, the exclusive enclave had a longer fall than nearly … [more]

Top dollar for new condos

A ranking of SoFla’s preconstruction projects shows prices up to $2,600 per foot

Miami is beginning to look like Manhattan, at least in terms of what buyers are willing to shell out for a square foot of prime real estate. In New York, … [more]

Boom and bust, by the numbers

South Florida real estate is on a roller coaster that is finally going uphill — careening, really, at top speed. Inventory is tight. A couple hundred condo towers are planned. Scads of price … [more]

Life in the fast lane

Car-crazy condo developer Gil Dezer redefines luxury in Sunny Isles

Gil Dezer is holding his own with the crowd, and it’s not easy, even though he’s the reason everyone is here. A couple hundred jet-setters are talking among themselves. Spanish. … [more]

Big-time building buys

A look at the priciest commercial property sales in South Florida this year

South Florida’s commercial real estate market may not be garnering the same headlines as its gangbusters residential market, but businesses are finally gaining confidence in the economy — and office … [more]

Doral in demand

A town famous for golf has turned itself into real estate’s long-drive champ

Doral is far cry from the brand-new city it was only a decade ago. The 14 square miles in northwest Miami-Dade County have gone from being known best for a … [more]

Look! A bunch of new benchmarks

In the last 18 months, Miami has turned into a real estate record-breaking machine. Sears CEO Eddie Lampert kicked off the madness in March 2012 when he paid $38 million … [more]

The stars and the surf

A roundup of the celebs buying, selling, listing and losing in South Florida

Even during the day, the stars are out in South Florida. They like the life of surf and sunshine, making homes out of mega-mansions that rival five-star resorts: Songbird Celine … [more]

Kid-friendly Brickell

New condo towers target families with amenities and affordable prices

Miami’s Brickell neighborhood is the heart of South Florida’s new building boom. All kinds of developments are on the drawing board or are already going up. The highest-profile may be … [more]

Gonzalez on opulence

Miami power broker talks about ‘crazy’ prices and (slightly) loosening inventory

Nelson Gonzalez grew up watching his dad buy and sell land in his hometown of Miami and across central Florida. Today, he’s the real estate player — holding the title … [more]

A condo bubble or not?

Developers can head off a real estate bust if they examine the lessons of 2007

Condo developers are adamant that the final results of their building frenzy in South Florida — more than 160 towers already, and more to come — will end differently this … [more]

Editor’s note

Miami wears its heart on its sleeve when it comes to real estate. You can see booms and busts coming a lot easier than in other parts of the country. … [more]