September 2019 Issue

A-Rod’s real estate playbook

Alex Rodriguez has seen both his professional and personal life covered exhaustively in newspapers across the country for decades now. But since retiring as the Yankees’ star third baseman in 2016 — and, according to Forbes, pocketing over $480 million during his 22-year, pro-baseball career — he’s become even busier. He’s now juggling regular media appearances with color commenting baseball games (he’s a broadcaster for Fox Sports and part of … [more]

Debt cuffs: Corporate real estate’s riskiest balance sheets

A look at which publicly traded real estate firms are the most overleveraged as U.S. corporate debt hits record levels and the economy runs on borrowed time

UPDATED, 1:20 p.m., Sept. 20: To back its instant home-buying program, Zillow Group opened two credit lines with Credit Suisse and Citibank over the past 14 months totaling $1 billion. … [more]

The downturn’s winners and losers

With condo inventory piling up and foreclosures on the upswing, some local players are planning to extract profits from failed projects while others get swallowed whole

Miami’s condo doomsday prognosticator, Peter Zalewski, has been waiting for this moment for almost a decade. The fast-talking former business journalist turned consultant with a penchant for electronic cigarettes and … [more]

How much are hotels hurting?

While SoFla’s hospitality market is looking healthy now, an oversupply looms, and if the economy tips into a recession it could get ugly

During a recent earnings call, … [more]

“A captured audience”

With many tenants locked into their lots, private equity firms are pouring billions into manufactured housing as a safe bet for when the next downturn hits

Mobile homes are no longer just a necessity for the poor. They’ve increasingly become a must-have for some of the world’s … [more]

The A+ investment

Beloved by the Florida Governor, charter schools are increasingly seen as a strong investment for which sellers are often getting double what they paid — but the room for growth could be limited

In the summer of 2018, the Eagle Arts Academy was in a crisis. … [more]

Brokering in posh Palm Beach

Tax benefits are leading more out-of-towners to plant a flag on the exclusive island, where brokers are in fierce competition and backstabbing is par for the golf course

Driving over the bridge from … [more]

Day in the life of: Todd Glaser

“When a toilet is flushed in Miami Beach real estate, Todd Glaser knows about it,” says the prolific luxury spec homebuilder, who talks (not always in the third person) about patents, power and his average workday

Todd Glaser’s passion for luxury homes took root early. As a teenage … [more]

Girding for the Gridiron’s biggest day

With Super Bowl LIV set for the Hard Rock Stadium this February, brokers are feverishly booking high-end clientele all over the city — but is pricing in the red zone?

Though the football season has … [more]

Sustainability’s Terra incognita

Developer David Martin, co-founder of Terra Group, on exploring uncharted territory in ecologically friendly building and why it could translate to big profits

If you hang out around enough … [more]

The condo money pit

New development condo owners are struggling to recoup their investments as they list units alongside those developers are still trying to unload

For the first owners of a two-bedroom luxury condo on the 36th floor of Rise, one of two new luxury towers at Brickell Cit … [more]

The Opportunity Zone payday

Major South Florida projects, some of which were underway well before the federal program was enacted, stand to reap huge profits as a result of it. We pencil out their potential windfalls.

President Trump’s signature … [more]

Resi rulers: The top firms in South Florida

As the market slows, star agents are fielding a flood of offers to join competing firms but steep financial incentives could kill the bottom line for the brokerages

Real estate brokerages in South … [more]

Loving Las Olas

Developers are “going SOLO” — south of Las Olas Boulevard — in pursuit of profits, but with a loaded pipeline, can each score a win?

A surge of apartment development in downtown Fort Lauderdale is starting to spread south of Las Olas Boulevard, the southern border of the city’s … [more]

A sampling of developments south of Las Olas Bouevard in Downtown Fort Lauderdale

1) 501 South Andrews Avenue Riverparc Square is a major mixed-use development with nearly 800 residential units just south of downtown Fort Lauderdale. City commissioners approved it in … [more]

Key changes

A recent Supreme Court ruling that allows Keys landowners to challenge local municipalities over property issues in federal court — instead of largely pro-preservation state courts — could radically change the landscape for development

The Florida Keys, with their strict limits on growth, have long been a property rights battleground. But while Keys governments have thus far mostly had their way in the courts … [more]

The Dania Beach bellwether

The massive Dania Pointe project jump-started a development spree in the town, but will all the hype pay off?

Around South Florida, Dania Beach is known for its casino and jai alai fronton, a large collection of antiques shops and a 100-foot-tall wooden roller coaster … [more]

The Closing: Matthew Whitman Lazenby

The grandson of Bal Harbour Shops founder Stanley Whitman may not be much of a shopper, but he’s psyched to discuss the high-end mall’s ongoing expansion

You could call Matthew Whitman … [more]

Editor’s note: The power hitter

It might be hard to believe, but there are downsides to being a super-high-wattage celebrity — especially when you’re expanding into a field apart from the one that made you … [more]