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What’s at stake for homeowners in Congress’ lame duck session

Though the news spotlight has been on the presidential debates and the November 6 elections, a more pressing personal...

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Congress weighs mortgage relief extension

Here’s some encouraging news for financially stressed homeowners across the country: The Senate Finance Committee approved a bipartisan bill before heading home for summer recess that would extend the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act...

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Most investor losses incurred by home loan refinancings would not impact U.S. economy

In its research paper on the housing market, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York urged Congress to allow...

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A foreclosure escape hatch?

With hundreds of thousands of homeowners facing imminent foreclosure and estimates of 2 million or more in the wings, are there any financial tools available to distressed borrowers that haven’t been tried yet? Equally...

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Home write-offs: an endangered species?

If you take mortgage interest tax deductions, the next 100 days could have significant financial implications for you, thanks to Congress’ new federal debt ceiling plan. Though the compromise legislation itself involved no new...

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