New pastime for the rich and famous: “glamping”

Here’s why wealthy homeowners are spending $30,000 on tents

Jul.July 14, 2019 02:00 PM
A glamping tent in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand (Credit: iStock)

Glamping is becoming increasingly popular among wealthy homeowners (Credit: iStock)

Wealthy homeowners are increasingly turning to a new form of getaway, and it doesn’t require them to leave their property.

Glamping — or glamorous camping — is becoming more and more popular among America’s wealthy, according to the Wall Street Journal. The high-end tents, which can sell for up to $30,000, even make a great guest home on some estates, homeowners told the Journal.

The increasing popularity of luxury camping has spawned a whole industry. Glamping Hub, an Airbnb-like service, has 21,000 hosts offering luxury camping on their properties. Luxury camping resorts are popping up in the West, and there’s a company, Under Canvas, that manages luxury campsites in eight national parks.

In New York, Terra Glamping this year is bringing an upscale campsite to the Hamptons, and another developer has raised funds to bring a similar setup to the Rockaways.

Glamorous camping is not necessarily a new concept, even if the word “glamping” only made it into the dictionary in 2016. In 1520, King Henry VIII of Britain and King Francis I of France set up in regal camps for a countryside jousting tournament. Ottoman Empire sultans were also known to bring “richly embroidered” tents to some excursions, including military campaigns, according to the Journal.

[WSJ] — Joe Ward

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