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    US Immigration Fund

    115 Front Street, Suite 300
    Jupiter, FL 33477
    1(855) EB5-USIF

    U.S. Immigration Fund is a company that helps raise funds for international investors, as well as offer EB-5 visa programs that allows overseas investors to obtain green cards in exchange for at least a $500,000 investment in the United States. The fund was started in 2010, and helped in the proliferation of EB-5 programs nationwide. Today, many of the fund’s clients are from Asia, and affiliates with regional centers throughout the United States, including within Florida, New York, and California. The fund oversees all the projects for its international investors to ensure they are financially sound. Founder and CEO Nicholas Mastroianni II boasts that he has worked to raise nearly $3 billion from EB-5 investors through the fund, much of which has been through real estate firms such as Forest City Ratner, Durst Organization, Kushner Companies, and HFZ Capital Group (for which the fund helped raise nearly $250 million for a High Line condo). Mastroianni II's son, Mastroianni III, also works at the US Immigration Fund, acting as President and CMO.

    US Immigration Fund, President, CMO
    115 Front Street, Suite 300, Jupiter, FL, 1 (855) EB5-USIF
    With the company since inception, Nicholas A. Mastroianni, III is the President and...
    US Immigration Fund, Founder, Chairman and CEO
    115 Front Street, Suite 300, Jupiter, FL, 1(855) EB5-USIF
    Nicholas Mastroianni II is the founder, chairman, and CEO of US Immigration Fund,...