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    Andrew Penson

    Argent Ventures
    551 Fifth Avenue
    New York, NY 10176
    212 692-5400

    Andrew Penson says, "I don't look for publicity." But since he's the owner of Grand Central Terminal, publicly often finds him. Penson is also managing member of Midtown Trackage Ventures and president of Argent Ventures, which was founded in 1997.

    He has feuded with his property neighbors, as in 2014, when he threatened to sue developer SL Green when it planned to double the existing building at One Vanderbilt and erect a megatower there (Penson publicly declared the public was getting ripped off and said he would purchase the existing building in an effort to stymie the developer's plans).

    Penson made his entry into real estate in the 1990s when he purchased the debt on several distressed properties. He even tried to purchase the Washington Redskins football team in 1998 (he was unsuccessful). Penson purchased Grand Central through Midtown Trackage Ventures in 2006, a deal that included more than 1 million square feet of air rights (over which he sued New York City in 2015, claiming it lowballed him on the per-square-foot price).

    Penson, a graduate of New York Law School, worked for years as a lawyer at Jones Day.