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    Avi Shemesh

    CIM Group
    4700 Wilshire Boulevard
    Los Angeles, CA 90010

    Avi Shemesh, one of the co-founders of real estate investment firm CIM Group, is no stranger to new beginnings. The former Israeli soldier immigrated to the United States to start up a landscaping business, and today is one of the principals at CIM Group, considered to be a major player in the New York and Hollywood real estate markets.

    Growing up outside of Tel Aviv, Shemesh served in the Israeli army until immigrating to the United States, where he formed landscaping business Dekel Development (not to be confused with Delek Real Estate, in which CIM purchased a controlling stake in 2011) with fellow Israeli Shaul Kuba. Kuba had grown up in Shemesh's home town in Israel and had served in Shemesh's army brigade. The two helped build a number of commercial and residential properties in Los Angeles, and it was that work that led them to Richard Ressler in 1987. While discussing discussing potential landscaping at his home, Shemesh and Kuba impressed Ressler. Several years later, in 1994, the trio formed CIM.

    Today, Shemesh handles a number of day-to-day issues at CIM Group, including investor relations, property management, and strategic initiatives.


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    In the 1970s or 1980s (accounts vary), two former Israeli paratroopers, Avi Shemesh and Shaul Kuba, immigrated to the United States, launched landscaping and design businesses, and began investing their profits in West Hollywood real estate...