Christopher Schlank

Founder, Managing Partner
430 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10022

Christopher Schlank is founder and managing partner at Savanna, a private equity firm with an investor base consisting of mainly large public and private pension funds and foundations.

Schlank helped found the firm in 1992 with money from family and friends and has since overseen more than $3.2 billion in real estate assets, mainly in the New York City region. Schlank (and Savanna) dont focus on trophy properties but instead on B-level mid-block buildings. In 2011 Savanna purchased 31 Penn Plaza for $130 million and a month later bought the next-door 21 Penn Plaza for $137 million.

Schlanks approach differs from some real estate investors in that he prefers a nice guy approach, eschewing court battles and takeovers for amenable deals with owners.

Before his stint at Savanna Schlank was project manager at Westside Federation for Senior Housing, a non-profit that focused on providing low-income housing. Schlank, who received a masters in real estate development from the University of Pennsylvania, where he majored in urban studies and French. After graudation, he worked in construction at an Upper West Side hotel, then went back to school and received his masters from Columbia University, where he now serves as an assistant adjunct professor in real estate finance.


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