George Ross

Executive Vice President
Trump Organization
725 Fifth Avenue, 26th Floor
New York, NY 10022
(212) 715-7200

George Ross first started working with Donald Trump when he was 20 years the mogul's senior. He was hired for Trump's first major development deal, converting the Commodore Hotel into the Grand Hyatt Hotel, and served as legal counsel for several of Trump's deals during the heyday of his empire. In 1996, Ross officially joined Trump and has been with him ever since, now serving as an executive vice president for the Trump Organization.

Ross philosophy on closing big deals is contrastingly zen-like compared to Trump's bombast when it comes to deal-making: just let it happen, don't get too involved, never look back, and you have to know when to stop. He has been one of the somewhat silent movers behind many of the buildings in Trump's portfolio, tending to the complex details that his boss eschews. He has also written two books on real estate negotiation, both of which feature the Trump name in their title.

Ross gained fame as one of Trump's advisors on "The Apprentice" for the first two seasons of the reality TV show. He was replaced by Trump's son, Don Jr., in 2006, reportedly because Trump was jealous of Ross's popularity on the show.

Ross, who graduated from Brooklyn College and then Brooklyn Law School and at one point ran a 120-attorney law firm, also has taught real estate classes at New York University and often speaks to business leaders and students on an array of subjects.

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