Leonard Litwin

Glenwood Management
1440 York Ave
New York, NY 10075

Leonard Litwin is the founder and principal owner of Glenwood Management, a leading luxury apartment landlord in New York City.

The firm owns approximately 24 buildings in Manhattan, and rents about 4,200 high-end units. Litwin began his career in the nursery business with his father. In the 1950s he became interested in real estate development and began building high-rise apartment buildings on the Upper East Side. In the 1960s Litwin built what was then city's largest luxury high rise, the Pavilion. His Liberty Plaza, a 45-storey apartment rental complex, was the first new building to rise in Manhattan after the September 11 attacks.

In January 2015, media reported that Litwin was likely the unnamed real estate developer cited in a criminal complaint charging then-state Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver with corruption. Litwin and Glenwood were not accused of any wrongdoing.

Litwin was born in October 1914, and no longer runs the day-to-day operations of his firm. -TA

Glenwood Management, Executive Vice President
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