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Lloyd Goldman

BLDG Management
417 5th Avenue, Floor 4
New York City, NY 10016
(212) 624-4300
Lloyd Goldman

Lloyd Goldman, founder and president of BLDG Management, is consistently ranked as one of New York's most powerful real estate investors. Goldman is heir to a real estate fortune built up by his father, Irving, and his uncle, Sol, who at one time held a stake in the Chrysler Building. Lloyd Goldman is a partner with Larry Silverstein in the redevelopment of the World Trade Center, having led the group that raised most of the money for Silverstein's takeover of the lease in early 2001. Goldman, who generally shuns the limelight, has said the partners have an understanding that he'll take over the project when the older Silverstein steps aside.

BLDG applied in January 2015 to build a 449-foot, 41-story residential tower at 212-214 East 44th Street on a lot it bought for $32 million the previous year. Other projects include a $35.3 million residential building at 11 Avenue C in the East Village.

Forget Big Brother. The landlord is watching you. Landlords are increasingly using video surveillance in housing court cases over rent-regulated apartments, most commonly to investigate...

In the blood sport of New York real estate, litigation is a way to bully, negotiate, and even embarrass — and 2016 didn’t disappoint. Tags:...

The warring investors in Staten Island’s controversial New York Wheel project have laid down their arms. Tags: New York Wheel, Staten Island ...

...From left: Lloyd Goldman, 95 Christopher Street and Arthur Schwartz A lawyer who removed a...

...From left: 145 East 125th Street in East Harlem, Lloyd Goldman and Robert Shapiro Lloyd Goldman’s BLDG Management picked up...

Mid market sales
...since it started assembling the properties in 2012. Crown Acquisitions and Lloyd Goldman...

Montauk luxe co-ops with shady past are selling fast Looks like Montauk is still having its moment. Half of the 12 luxury co-ops known as the Residences at...

Looks like Montauk is still having its moment. More than half of the 12 luxury co-ops known as the Residences at Gurney’s have been snatched up...

...York Wheel investors Rich Marin, Joe Nakash, Jay Anderson and Lloyd Goldman Tourists hoping to ride the New York Wheel are now...

...at 23 Lexington Avenue (inset from top: AllianceBernstein's Peter Kraus and Lloyd Goldman) Hail to the (new) chief. (more&hellip...

Even New York’s top multifamily landlords have to reckon with the taxman, and some more than others. With April 15 safely in the rear view,...

Just in time for the summer season, the owners of a sprawling portfolio in downtown Montauk are putting the 14-acre site up for sale with...

Real estate investor Michael Alvandi’s City Urban Realty is in contract to acquire a six-story Chinatown office building for $25 million, according to city records. Tags:...

Sales of Manhattan development sites slowed significantly in the first months of 2016, adding to broader concerns over the health of the New York real...

...From left: Lloyd Goldman and 211-215 East 38th Street Lloyd Goldman’s BLDG Management picked up a portfolio of three rental...

Boutique Soho shoe shop Melissa Shoes is striding from Greene Street to a new flagship location on Broadway that’s as visible as its candy-colored PVC...

New York Wheel CEO Rich Marin, the former Bear Stearns executive tasked with heading up plans for the $500 million Staten Island observation wheel, has finally...

...injunction to stop Joseph Nakash, Andrew Ratner, Jay Anderson and Lloyd Goldman -- who together form Wheel Estate LLC -- from ousting...

...Wheel investors Rich Marin, Eric Kaufman, Meir Laufer, Jay Anderson, Lloyd Goldman and Joseph Nakash and a rendering of the project TRD...

Haim Chera’s Crown Acquisitions snapped up two commercial buildings in Downtown Brooklyn for $30 million, according to property records filed with the city Wednesday. Tags:...

...Renderings of 222 East 44th Street by Handel Architects and Lloyd Goldman Family dynasties are a fixture of the New York real...

...York Wheel investors Rich Marin, Joe Nakash, Jay Anderson and Lloyd Goldman For some of the partners in Staten Island’s New...

Panoramic View thumb
...De Niro, was purchased by Panoramic Partners, an affiliate of Lloyd Goldman...

The original developer of the New York Wheel claims his partners are trying to take him for a ride. Meir Laufer, who chairs the wheel’s...

“I see nothing in space as promising as the view from a Ferris wheel,” E.B. White once said. It turns out, developers in Staten Island...
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BLDG Management, Executive Vice President
417 5th Avenue, Floor 4, New York City, NY, (212) 624-4300
Scott Zecher is an executive vice president at BLDG Management. -NE ...
BLDG Management, Vice President
417 5th Avenue, Floor 4, New York City, NY, (212) 624-4300
Mickey Napolitano is vice president and director of residential real estate at Lloyd...
BLDG Management, General Counsel
417 5th Avenue, Floor 4, New York City, NY, (212) 624-4300
Donald Olenick is senior vice president and general counsel at Lloyd Goldmans BLDG...
BLDG Management, Vice President, Development
417 5th Avenue, Floor 4, New York City, NY, (212) 624-4300
Monika Majewska is vice president of development at Lloyd Goldmans BLDG Management, which...
BLDG Management, Director of Finance
417 5th Avenue, Floor 4, New York City, NY, (212) 624-4300
Michael Siegel is director of finance at Lloyd Goldmans BLDG Management. He has...
  • Event Retail Leasing
  • Address 678 Hudson Street
  • Neighborhood West Village
  • Borough Manhattan
  • Square feet 2,500
  • Publication Date 09/01/2013
  • Event Date 07/23/2013
  • Party 1 Lloyd Goldman
  • Party 2 Papyrus/NIQUEA.D
  • Party 2 Brokerage SCG Retail
  • Party 2 Broker Jacqueline Klinger
The stationery and fashion accessories retailers signed a lease for a combination store.
  • Event Sales
  • Address 166 West 18th Street
  • Neighborhood Chelsea
  • Borough Manhattan
  • Square feet 4,000
  • Price $ 6,600,000
  • Price per foot $ 1,650.00
  • Publication Date 05/01/2012
  • Event Date 03/22/2012
  • Party 1 Ben Shaoul
  • Party 1 Brokerage RKF
  • Party 1 Broker Jeffrey Fishman
  • Party 2 Lloyd Goldman
  • Party 2 Brokerage RKF
  • Party 2 Broker Jeffrey Fishman
The retail component of the Yves Chelsea condo building sold for $6.6 million. The space is currently occupied by real estate brokerage Core NYC, whose lease runs through 2018.
  • Event Sales
  • Address 1024 Lexington Avenue
  • Neighborhood Lenox Hill
  • Borough Manhattan
  • Square feet 24,207
  • Price $ 24,500,000
  • Price per foot $ 1,012.10
The 24,207 sf property sold for $24.5 million, or about $1,012 per square foot. The seller acquired the building in 2007 for $32 million, or $7.5 million less than its latest sales price.
  • Event Sales
  • Address 717 Fifth Avenue
  • Neighborhood Plaza District
  • Borough Manhattan
  • Price $ 200,000,000
In a buyout, the developer paid $200 million for the interests of two of his partners. The condo is located on the first four floors of the building. Office space on floors five through 26 is owned by Equity Office Properties.
  • Event Sales
  • Address 400 West Broadway
  • Neighborhood Soho
  • Borough Manhattan
  • Square feet 11,000
  • Price $ 8,600,000
  • Price per foot $ 781.82
The office and retail property sold for $8.6 million, or $782 per square foot. The lower and ground floors of the property are leased to jewelers Robert Lee Morris Design; the uppers floors are vacant. They may be leased as office space with rents in the $45 to $55 per square foot range.
  • Event Sales
  • Building Name 771-773 Eighth Avenue
  • Address 773 Eighth Avenue
  • Neighborhood Midtown West
  • Borough Manhattan
  • Square feet 13,500
  • Price $ 11,000,000
  • Price per foot $ 814.81
Prime theater district building houses Bennigan's restaurant
  • Event Sales
  • Address 771-773 Eighth Avenue
  • Neighborhood Hell's Kitchen
  • Borough Manhattan
  • Price $ 11,000,000
Prime theater district building houses Bennigan's restaurant
  • Event Sales
  • Address 590 Fifth Avenue
  • Neighborhood Plaza District
  • Borough Manhattan
  • Square feet 100,000
  • Price $ 54,000,000
  • Price per foot $ 540.00