Nicholas Bienstock

Co-managing partner
430 Park Avenue, 12th Floor
New York, NY 10022

Nicholas Bienstock is co-managing partner at Savanna private equity firm with an eye for buying distressed or indebted properties and flipping them for hefty profits. While his role is mainly on the front end, handling the structuring and funding of deals, no detail is small enough for Bienstock. We know how much the bathroom tile costs, he once told Crains New York Business.

Bienstock has worked on the acquisition, financing, or restructuring of more than $4 billion in real estate assets, first in Manhattan and then branching out into other New York City boroughs. Among the deals he helped broker were 245-249 W. 17th Street, which served as Twitters New York office, as well as selling 415 Eighth Avenue for $65 million.

Before joining Savanna in 1999, he worked at Capital Trust, Inc., and Chemical Banks real estate investment banking group. Bienstock is a graduate of Columbia Business School (where he also taught case studies in real estate finance) and Harvard (where he graduated cum laude).

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