Nicholas Mastroianni II

Founder, Chairman and CEO
US Immigration Fund
115 Front Street, Suite 300
Jupiter, FL 33477
1(855) EB5-USIF

Nicholas Mastroianni II is the founder, chairman, and CEO of US Immigration Fund, a company that facilitates foreign investment in American real estate projects through the EB-5 green card program and has raised $2.9 billion in capital for developers. He also serves as the president of Allied Capital & Development in Jupiter, Florida.

Mastroianni negotiates the contracts and leads design on EB-5-funded projects, both residential and commercial. Mastroianni works closely with his staff around the globe to assure that Regional Center projects  create the proper number of jobs and ensure that immigrant investors receive their permanent green cards within the required timeframe.

Mastroianni got his start in real estate in the 1980s when he founded Interstate Design & Construction in Rhode Island. He later relocated to Southern Florida where he started Allied Capital and Development, which specializes in developing single and multifamily housing. In 2010, Mastroianni began to tap into the EB-5 investors market by setting up a regional center for investment. Since that time he has generated funding for marquee projects such as Forest City Ratner’s Atlantic Yards in Brooklyn, and Manhattan residential projects under development by the Durst Organization and HFZ.

Mastroianni has been recognized by the Association of Builders and Contractors (ABC) and was awarded the prestigious Excellence in Construction Award in 1998. He served as Executive Vice President of the Rhode Island Chapter of the ABC and has been a member of the Association of General Contractors. He is active in charitable organizations and formed Charities for Children with Cancer (CCC).

Mastroianni has faced multiple lawsuits from Chinese investors alleging malfeasance and fraud in connection to various EB-5 projects, including two separate lawsuits in 2018 and another in 2020.

Mastroianni II's son, Mastroianni III, also works at the US Immigration Fund, acting as vice President and CMO.


US Immigration Fund, President, CMO
115 Front Street, Suite 300, Jupiter, FL, 1 (855) EB5-USIF
With the company since inception, Nicholas A. Mastroianni, III is the President and...